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[44] Fresh Air

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[44] Fresh Air – A Pictorial Blog about Quenington

It’s about buildings and landscapes but mostly it’s about sculptures and the Fresh Air 2017 Exhibition.

Quenington is a small village in Gloucestershire with a population of about 600. It appears in the Domesday Book. The name derives from the Old English Cwenenatum, ‘the women’s settlement’ (cognate with the word Queen.)

It is the location of an outdoor sculpture exhibition now held every two years. Fresh Air 2017 was the thirteenth. As it says on their web-site:

‘Set up by art collectors, Lucy and David Abel-Smith, the first sculpture show was held in the Quenington Old Rectory gardens in 1992. Acclaim for the show’s originality and innovative mixture of traditional, modern and cutting-edge contemporary outdoor sculpture has grown year by year and it is now an established and much anticipated fixture in the art events calendar.’

These pictures are from our visit to the exhibition this year.

The Village

It is a small village. They like you to park on the village green and walk down to the Rectory.

It still has a village pub with its own statue – of Mercury, the Roman god of messages, perhaps related to the telephone box beside it.

The Church

St. Swithin’s Church was built around 1100 AD. It was extensively restored in the Nineteenth Century but retains two Norman doorways.

The Location

There has been a rectory since the Twelfth Century but most of the present buildings date from the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. The exhibition gave us the chance to see some of the actual house and much of its gardens.

The Sculptures

These are some of over a hundred sculptures in the exhibition. I wanted to call them statues but artitistically they are more then that. Some were excellent but I felt that some were not good enough to merit a photograph.


It was a nice sunny day so here are a few flowers before some landscapes of views from the garden.

The exhibition was well worth a visit but you have to wait two years for the next one.







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