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[56] SO 651 014

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[56] SO 651 014 – A Pictorial Blog about Information Signs

I always knew that I could photograph hundreds of signs easily so I just took pictures. Soon I had enough for several blogs but I had the problem of classifying them and splitting into blog posts.

[52] Pavement Signs and [53] Road Surface signs were easy and I soon came up with [55] House Numbers. I was never sure of the rest and I had to see if I had enough for some of my ideas. Well, [54] Plaques and [57] Picture Signs turned out to be workable topics and I looked at the rest.

For the five remaining blog posts about Signs I have four slightly interesting topics to come and this one represents everything else. Most of the pictures are signs that you might not notice and would probably not want to read in detail. They tell you where you are, what you can do or, more often, what you can’t do.

Here are a series of signs in fairly random order without comment. You can look out for some of them in Croatian or French or Welsh or maybe in two or more languages. I have just a few at the start which are further categorized.

The Ordnance Survey (OS) maps worked on a national system of Grid References and these are still used as one way of recording location, especially when recording natural flora and fauna. I take my title from the sign above showing the location of Lydney Dock. Here are two more Grid References on signs and a Trigonometric Point. Trig points were used on OS maps recording height as well as location.

Food and Drink

Places making and selling food and drink have always advertised their wares.

Now we still have signs about food for pubs, restaurants, coffee shops and ice cream.

Here are the rest of my signs without comment. You can read what they say.






Author: Alan

Retired, currently living in Cheltenham.

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