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[59] Get a Free Sausage

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[59] Get a Free Sausage – Another Pictorial Blog about Signs

I had so many signs left and I put the mostly uninspiring ones into [56] Information Signs.

The ones here need to be read more carefully. There are warnings you might not expect to see, information you might not expect and sometimes wording that is deliberately or accidentally amusing.

Mostly this will be signs for you to read in a random order without comment. I have cropped some pictures and for a few I have adjusted the contrast to make them more readable.

There are just a few at he beginning that need some comments.

The sign above identifies a bridge over a railway line. I have no idea how the half crept in.

This relatively modern ‘foundation stone’ seems to reflect the belief once held in the Church that God created the World in 4000 BC.

(It’s funnier when you see it in the back of a car.)

Found somewhere to take the children around Hallowe’en.

It’s a very famous, old Latin word square. You can read it vertically or horizontally.

We thought it meant something like ‘no busking’ but it says ‘No pedestrian entrance – please use the lower entrance.’ It’s Croatian.

Another one from Croatia. I think it means park in the direction shown, at right angles to the street.

For the rest, read on …

Now you know where the title came from!


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